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Whether studying for promotion or just preparing yourself for a successful law enforcement career, complete mastery of current law, guidelines and constitutional principles is a MUST for any law enforcement officer serious about advancing to supervisory or management rank or simply excelling in their professional career.

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You can log in and take any or all of the online legal exams from the titles below over and over to improve your score, and after each complete exam taken online you receive an email with the complete exam, your answers, your score, the correct answers and the citation from the book. Study your textbook and take the exams online and use the flash card sets to study away from the computer. Take each exam over and over until you can ace it! This is proven to be a great way to study!

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Which national and state legal exams are included in my Online Testing and Flash Card Sets?

We currently feature online exams and flash card sets from these nationally acclaimed police legal textbooks; the Law Officer's Pocket Manual, Briefs of Leading Cases in Law Enforcement, and the Legal Guide for Police - Constitutional Issues.

ALSO INCLUDED - Our current list of state law enforcement exams from the major state law enforcement source books includes California, Connecticut, Florida and Texas. More are being added. Suggest your state!

ADDED BONUS - You will download your copy of An Attorney's Guide to Studying Police Legal Guidelines. This 10-step special report from an attorney is written specifically to help you as a police officer understand how Attorneys study and prepare for legal exams, and how to apply these techniques to your studying for promotion! Includes the special methods Attorneys use to study for their high-pressure Bar Exams. This PDF Report is FREE when you enroll!

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Low Cost! Only 49.95 to take any or all of the 100-question online exams we have available for each title. Only 49.95 to add the complete Flash Card Sets from all these titles with 100's of extra questions.

Save 20% - Only 79.95 when you buy the Online exams and Flash Cards together! - take all the online legal exams, AND receive all the hundreds of extra questions from all the Legal Flash Card Sets! These sets have all the online questions PLUS up to 200 additional questions from each text. See the question count below for each title. You will receive the 500+ Legal Flash Cards from ALL the national legal titles AND ALL the Flash Cards from your state legal sourcebook!

Who writes these legal exam questions?

Law Exams updated by our attorney
These police legal exams are written by and constantly updated by our attorney and validated by the staff of our police promotional testing company, PolicePromotion.com, to give you hundreds of legal questions online and in Flash Card Sets that you can use to prepare and MASTER all the legal topics, statutes, case law, Constitutional law and legal guidelines that will be used in your written promotional exams, assessment centers and that you will use on the street every day of your police career.

Also available are Promotional Textbook Exams featured separately in our Promotional Testing Course. You can enroll in both courses at the same time!

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Take Promotional Exams from these National Law Enforcement Legal Sourcebooks;

police officer interview bookLaw Officer's Pocket Manual 2015 Edition - from BNA Books - 100 question online exam PLUS 200+ total questions from this title in the Legal Flash Card Sets.

Here is one of the best and most often used national legal sourcebooks for police promotional exams all over the nation.

Covers with clear definitions and updated scenarios all aspects of case law and constitutional law that a police officer and supervisor need in order to do their jobs correctly on the streets. Order this Book.

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Briefs of Leading CasesBriefs of Leading Cases in Law Enforcement - 8E - updates for 9E coming soon. Published by Taylor & Francis. 100 question online exam PLUS 170+ total questions from this title in the Legal Flash Card Sets.

Here is the case law sourcebook used on police promotional exams all over the nation.

Cases covered in the book and in our online exam and flash cards include all aspects of probable cause, the exclusionary rule, stop and frisk, arrests and seizures of persons and things, searches, vehicle stops and roadblocks.

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Legal Guide for PoliceLegal Guide for Police - Constitutional Issues - Anderson Publishing

Take 100 question online exam PLUS 130+ total questions from this title in the Legal Flash Card Sets.

Here is an in-depth and analytical U.S. Constitutional guide used on police promotional exams all over the nation.

This comprehensive book covers developments in the law of arrest, search and seizure, police authority to detain, questioning suspects and pretrial identification procedures, police power and its limitations, and civil liability of police officers and agencies. Order the Book.


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Bonus! State Legal Exams Attorney-written and updated from all the Leading Textbooks, Legal Guidelines and Law Enforcement Handbooks. Currently Available exams are from California - Connecticut - Florida and Texas.

More states will be added all the time, check back with us often and also recommend your state for inclusion.

California Police OfficerCalifornia Peace Officers Legal Sourcebook & California Codes -written by the California Attorney General and as featured by CopWare.

We offer a 100 question online exam PLUS 240 total questions from this material are featured in the Legal Flash Card Sets! Our questions cover material from the California Peace Officers Legal Sourcebook, Penal Codes, Vehicle Code, Health and Safety Code, Family Code and the Welfare and Institutional Code.

Connecticut Law Enforcement Officers' Field Manual - "The Red Book"Connecticut Law Enforcement Officers' Field Manual - "The Red Book" -as featured by LooseLeaf Law Publications - The most widely used legal reference book for Connecticut law enforcement officers covering all aspects of Connecticut criminal law and legal procedure.

We have a 100 question online exam PLUS 190+ total questions from this title are featured in the Legal Flash Card Sets!

Questions cover all topics in the book; Offenses, Stop & Frisk, Identification Procedures, Interrogations, Search & Seizure, Juvenile Matters, and Family Violence Investigations.

Florida Law Enforcement HandbookFlorida Law Enforcement Handbook -2014 edition - updates for 2015 coming soon - as created for Florida Law Enforcement Officers state-wide by the Miami-Dade Police Department and available through LexisNexis.

100 question online exam PLUS 300+ total questions covering Florida Legal Guidelines, State Procedural Law, State Substantive Laws and Civil Forfeiture Guidelines, are featured in the online exam and the Legal Flash Card Sets!


Texas Criminal and Traffic Law ManualTexas Criminal and Traffic Law Manual - written for Law Enforcement Officers throughout the great State of Texas and available through LexisNexis.

We feature a 100 question online exam PLUS 270+ total questions covering the Texas State Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Family Code, Health and Safety Code, and the Transportation Code are featured in the online exam and the Legal Flash Card Sets!